Steampunk News round up 22/03/2015

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Space pirates and steampunk vampires take over the Convention Center in South Mississippi
They were dressed as steampunk vampires, space pirates and superheroes during the 38th annual CoastCon at the Coast Convention Center…


Bressingham hosts Steampunk Weekend
Diss Express
Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens is staging Norfolk’s first full Steampunk Weekend next month, featuring a wealth of Steampunk-themed…


BBC’s Victorian ‘Sherlock’ Is Just What the Show Needs
The Cheat Sheet
When it was announced over five years ago that the BBC would be moving forward with yet another adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, many were…


Victorian romance: The GOP’s “Oliver Twist” budget and the comeback of class warfare
This week, for instance, we get to look clear back to Victorian England, …. But through it all runs a strong current of neoVictorian and neo-Calvinist


March 22, 2015 in Archives: Steampunk Illusion Show
On Thursday March 4 the steampunk illusion show took place at Tower Theatre put on by the Nelson family. Jeff and Lynn Nelson along with their…


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