Mini unveils new futuristic steampunk driving goggles

Mini have developed steampunk goggles for driving improvement
Mini Augmented Vision system goggles

Mini has showcased a new development to driving which takes the driving experience into the future while making you look as though you’re in the past.The BMW owned company say that the new MAV goggles are just what every driver needs.

The Mini Augmented Vision system requires a pair of large driving goggles to be worn while travelling in the car. The goggles have a small camera at the front which then picks up information from the road and the world around you to provide you with information for your journey. It can provide information about other traffic as well as pedestrian activity and will even pull on the brakes to avoid collisions due to its full integration with the car.

You can also look at posters on walls or hoardings and the goggles will be able to analyse the text and provide information including a map.

The bronze and black goggles are apparently rather large and have to be put on nose first, then slid down the head to the ears. However, despite this and the unusual feel of wearing them while driving, testers have said that it improved their driving experience.

The goggles work in a similar way to Google Glass, but are more aimed at driving information than socialising. The main advantage of the goggles is that you can use them in any car because the display projects in front of you to give you a similar HUD experience that other cars already provide. The main loss is the full compatibility with the car, such as using the brakes for you as I mentioned previously.

The goggles are currently in the prototype stage and come after 18 months of collaboration between Mini, BMW and Qualcomm who are developing the technology. While early tests are positive, there are some issues, such as the goggles not being able to keep up with fast movements of the head.

While the goggles have a sleek finish to them, the steampunk aesthetic is there with old fashioned styling incorporating futuristic technology/

3 thoughts on “Mini unveils new futuristic steampunk driving goggles

  1. Looking at them and wish they had been made with materials on the outside like the racing goggles of the past like rubber and metal. That would have been more in the spirit of Steampunk. These come across as too modern aesthetically.

  2. I think what you’re saying is this: Many of us know of the Enlightenment from the early part of History of Europe and the United States. Of course it was not called that at the time and perhaps no one would have called it “The Enlightenment” then. So in similar way we think of Jules Vern,H. G. Wells and later Mary Shelley in retrospect. We think of them as being sources of inspiration and thus as part of the roots of Steampunk as a genre.

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