Victorian festival celebrates launch of wooden Stonehenge

Image copyright Liverpool Echo
Wood Henge in Liverpool is to have a Victorian party. Obviously.

If all else fails, you can call on the Victorians to provide a good ol’ knees up. A wooden replica of Stonehenge has been built in Princes Park, Liverpool and to mark the opening of it, did they hold a Druid or Pagan celebration? No, they had a Victorian festival instead.

Not that I’m one to turn my nose up at a shindig, I just think it would’ve been a great opportunity to show people that followers of older religions aren’t the tree loving, sacrificial God worshipping hippies that everyone thinks they are.

The event was free to attend and had Victorian-inspired games, donkey rides, afternoon tea and hot air balloon rides – it was part of festivities to mark 150 years since the death of park designer Joseph Paxton. The park opened in 1842 and was designed by Paxton, so it seems fitting to hold a tribute there.

The replica Henge – designed and built by John Merrill and John Ayling – was funded by People’s Health Trust through the Health Lottery, Friends of Princes Park and the Liverpool City Council.

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