Robin chosen as British bird

image The Robin has been recently voted as the British National Bird in a recent poll. Already people are up in arms due to it’s tendency towards violence.


It came to prominence in the public eye mostly in the Victorian era as the Victorians generally included it on many Christmas products. It’s distinctive red chest and appearances in Winter (especially snow) made it a firm favourite that people young and old enjoy watching it in the Garden even today. The Robin doesn’t like rivals and will peck at another Robin’s back to sever the spinal cord. According to research reported in The Guardian, 10% of Robin deaths are Robin on Robin. The Guardian then goes on to consider other birds, such as the Raven. These clever birds have mystery shrouding them as they occupy the Tower of London. The story of the Monarchy and British Empire falling if the Ravens ever leave the Tower, the paper points out, is also a Victorian fable. What would you have chosen for the British National bird? If I had to choose something, it would be a Sparrowhawk. I’ve always enjoyed seeing them by the roadside hovering over their prey.

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