Steampunk’d begins production

Steampunk'd is currently in production and will air in the US late summer
Steampunk’d is currently in production and will air in the US late summer

You may or may not have heard about the new television show starting production in America called Steampunk’d. Thankfully not an Ashton Kutcher-esque practical joke show, but a design and art show with a heavy theme of steampunk running through it. It is to be hosted by Jeannie Mai.Mai is most well known for a US daytime show called The Real as well as fronting fashion articles for The Today Show and E! News.

There are a couple of moments reading the press release that a shudder ran down my spine as I thought maybe this could all go South very fast: The contraction of the title strays from the proper English that the era we’re inspired by used. Am I looking at it through British eyes, though? Seeing a corruption on a word to give it modernisation in a slang form makes me cringe slightly, but am I over-reacting? Possibly, you see a video has been released on the GSN website and Steampunk’d Facebook page. It shows a set that looks very well designed and people dressed in splendid outfits.

As with most descriptions of steampunk, films have been used to give a visual reference to people who may be unaware of what it’s all about. That’s a great thing to do and in this case they’ve used Sherlock Holmes and Mad Max. The latter has always been used by some on social media as a steampunk film and as with anything this is down to your own personal choice. There are more heavily steampunk themed films to choose from though instead of a film that is set in the future and is arguably more akin to Cyberpunk.

On top of that, the Executive Producers are known for their productions of Hogan Knows Best and Miami Social. This isn’t so much of a problem as a Producer has little input in how the show is designed, they just put the money up and make it successful.

There are three judges on the show and they’re all well known globally. Brute Force Studios owner Thomas Willeford, Steampunk Couture and Steamgirls owner Kato as well as Steampunk Designs’ very own Brassy Steamington will be casting their expert eyes over the designers and their projects.

The ten contestants – nine of which were named on the Facebook page as James Neathery, Tobias McCurry, Steampunk Eddie, Tayliss Forge, Josh Kinsey, Charles Edward Mason II, Karianne Gottschalk, Ave Rose and Niki Phillips – will be tasked with making something each episode by fusing new with old. The press release doesn’t specify, but it’s likely contestants will be knocked out each week until the final which carries a $100,000 prize.


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