Steaming drunk

Steampunk drunk
Steampunk drunk

Sadly, steampunk isn’t always about having a lot of fun, doing good deeds and being a good role model. There are times when the culture gets bad press, such as in the case of Bradley Nelson from Ypsilanti – a city in  Michigan – who was stopped by the Michigan State Police on his way back from a steampunk event on March 28th. Nelson was so drunk that he fell under the state’s “Super Drunk” law that gives out stiffer punishments.

Nelson had been weaving in and out of traffic, which is why the Trooper pulled him over. While testing his sobriety, Nelson mentioned that he was on his way home from a steampunk convention and was wearing heels. It would seem this was a tepid excuse for him having problems walking in a straight line, although at one point the Trooper had to prevent him falling into a ditch.

That’s not the worst part. After blowing a .178 (the limit for the Super Drunk law is .17) the Trooper led him to the Police vehicle, at which point Nelson claimed he had the need to urinate. The Trooper told him he’d have to wait, to which he replied “too late.”

Once in the Police car, he asked to go outside to urinate again. The Trooper advised him that he couldn’t do it in public, so he did in the patrol car instead.

Nelson pleaded guilty on Monday 15th June and will be sentenced on July 16th.

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