The White Wolf – A new adventure from The League of S.T.E.A.M.

white_wolfThe White Wolf is the eighth episode in the webseries that was originally funded on Kickstarter. It departs from the usual visually entertaining and comedic routine, taking on a serious edge with a more Western cinematic feel.

 While neither steampunk nor comedy are at the forefront of the episode, there still some elements provided by the supporting characters.
“The White Wolf” guest stars Tim Neff as Danior Mooney, Trevor Trout as Young Jasper Mooney, Joe Kidawski as the Wolf, and Jefferson Wilmore as Buffalo Bill.
As the story progresses, there are several flashbacks to different time periods to tell the history of the Wolf. The most elaborate set piece is Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, which is shown in one continuous minute-long shot featuring nearly 20 performers, fire breathing, juggling, stunts, and more. Although my favourite part is where Buffalo Bill congratulates Jasper on hitting every balloon during his display.  Most of the scenes were shot in low light, relying solely on campfires, lanterns, and ambient moonlight, which gives the film a unique, naturalistic quality.

You can check out the rest of the series here!

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