New Sherlock Teaser image comes to light

New Sherlock teaser image
New Sherlock teaser image

Despite lots of people chomping at the bit for information, the BBC are keeping the Sherlock Victorian Special pretty close to their chests. However, they continue to tease us with yet another image which shows Sherlock seated in a gorgeous green leather chair as Watson perches on the arm. I can’t help but feel that every time I see Martin Freeman in the moustache that it suits him perfectly. It was released just before San Diego Comic-Con where there’s a Sherlock panel featuring Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue and Rupert Graves (DI Lestrade).

We do know that the Victorian set episode is a special one off which Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss both wanted to do (though I think that Gatiss probably had more to do with it, given his impeccable dress sense). Given that production was near completion when I last reported on it here it can’t be too far away, yet there’s still no air date confirmed.

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