Colourful pocket watches Imagineered

Rewind watch
Rewind watch

I have been in touch with Starling and they have been telling me about their steampunk pocket watches. They’re a joint enterprise between Frank Cohen and Terri Hardin Jackson – a Disney Imagineer with ten years design experience for the famous animation studios. The six designs each have a back story which covers their creation and their magical powers. The latter is backed up with the watch utilising a Chillovean glow effect that has a 16 million colour gamut.

According to Starling, the watches feature a high tech precision quartz movement. Each of the six watches has a unique design and comes presented in a sculpted box, designed by Terri Hardin Jackson. Frank Cohen has also written a back-story to the watches, which gives them relevance in the steampunk universe and fits in well with the literary roots of steampunk. Here’s the story outline from the Starling website:

“Follow the time travel adventures of Jeff and Allisandra, people from different time periods that meet through the power of the STARLING watch. Adventure with them as they outwit the watch’s evil inventor and find a love that spans across time. Purchase any of the actual pocket watches and dig into the entire short story.

In the STARLING story, Jeff is a 26 year old man leading modern-day independent study tours of the Black Sea area of Europe to college students. He befriends Allisandra, an 85 year old woman from the region.

Shortly before her death Allisandra gives Jeff a pocket watch that has the power to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas from the previous holders of the watch. Jeff realizes the memories include other designed watches, with a variety of powers.

When Allisandra’s pocket watch is open Jeff, interacts with a younger Allisandra – she had the watch with her from her twenties. Stories unfold to enhance their knowledge of Victorian era history and their budding love of each other. A race ensues with Jeff and Allisandra trying to stay ahead of the watch’s evil inventor who needs to keep the watches out of everyone’s hands.”

Time-travel always interests me, so I’m curious to read this particular story. There are six variations of watch; Memories, Rewind, Snap-shot, Inception, Translate and What-if.

I’ve requested a review sample so I can get a better look at the technology behind the Chillovean glow effect. You can also go to the Videos section of the Journal and see a video of one of the watches as it glows.

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