Steampunk’d air date is confirmed

Steampunk'd is currently in production and will air in the US late summer
Steampunk’d is currently in production and will air in the US late summer

Steampunk’d seems to be stirring up a lot of interest, thanks mainly in part to Thomas Willeford promoting it enthusiastically on social media boards. I reported on it on June 22nd and since then one of the Judges has changed from Brassy Steamington to Matt King, who is the Director of “The World of Steam” web series.

The air date for the USA is August 19th at 10pm. Sadly the rest of the World will likely have to wait.

GSNTV, the network that are airing Steampunk’d have also released promotional images of the contestants and judges and I’ll be posting those as soon as I can get hold of decent sized versions.

Being the cynical person I am, I have to highlight the inclusion of Josh Kinsey as a contestant and Kato as a judge. As far as my knowledge goes they’re very good friends outside of the competition. If memory serves me correctly, he helped build the amazing background for the panel at Steamptopia 2014. I can’t help but feel that this could cause issues if he progresses through the levels as the competition heats up and the pressure builds. Saying that, steampunk is a tight-knit community and it’s fair to say that most people will know the judges one way or another. With names as big as Kato and Thomas, for example, there’s going to be some crossover. Also, with filming complete, there’s been no word of any issues regarding this so maybe it will all be OK.

Despite all this, I’m really looking forward to watching Steampunk’d. It’s not my usual bag, but the production company have clearly thought it through and got steampunks in who know the culture and have been a part of it for many years. There’s also no Falksen.




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