Local steampunks to exhibit work in Halifax (UK) Museum

Cabinet of Curiosities promotional poster
Cabinet of Curiosities promotional poster

From 1st August to 3rd October 2015, Bankfield Museum in Halifax will be exhibiting their Cabinets of Curiosity. It’s an opportunity to see some of the most splendid displays in the Calderdale museums. Exhibits will range from Grandfather clocks to natural history and they’ve asked local steampunks to provide some of their work for the event.

The steampunk themed display will take place in the Community Gallery and so far I know that local photographers Bita Mills and Nigel Roberts are showing their work. Bankfield Museum is a Victorian mansion located in Akroyd Park – the perfect place to exhibit the musings of modern people stuck in the industrial age. The email I received was passed on to me and was at the deadline for interested parties to submit their interest in showcasing. While that date was Friday 24th July and installation begins on Monday 27th July, it may be worth calling on Monday if you’re still interested. You never know, they may have a gap to fill.

In addition to the exhibition, the museum is holding a Conference of the Curious. This conference covers the darker and more bizarre elements of Victorian society, such as taxidermy, clothing and what looks like a very interesting talk from Johnathan Ferguson. He’s the Curator of Firearms at Royal Armouries and he will be discussing a mysterious Vampire Killing Kit that they have in their vaults.

Tickets for the Conference are £10, include a buffet lunch and refreshments and due to the nature of the discussions are limited to 18 years and over. To book this, you can call 01422352334 during opening hours or book online at the Calderdale Council website.

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