Teapot Racers! The Americans are here!

teapot Racing USASplendid Teapot Racing has made it from New Zealand all the way across the Pacific Ocean to the United States of America. A group was started on Facebook to promote the sport on the 21st July and is growing fast. Currently, they use the New Zealand rules as they’re broad enough, but if they change for the American participants, I’ll add them to the rules page here on the Journal.

There looks to already be some fantastic cars being made and one person even speculated on a caterpillar tracked vehicle! From all the activity that’s been on the board in the last five days, there seems to be groups popping up all over America, so this thing could get really big.

Should you need some help or inspiration and you’re in the area, there’s a Steampunk Teapot Racer Build workshop on 2 August at 14:00 EDT. The address for the workshop is 340 Gracie Road, Chesapeake,Virginia, 2332.

If you’d like to join the Splendid Teapot Racers USA Facebook page, you can do that by following the link here: Splendid Teapot Racers Facebook page

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