Makers of Steampunker bring you Steamville

LogoCan you remember Steampunker? It was announced just under a year ago and managed to get itself an Indie Prize after a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to release it on multiple platforms. Now Steamville hopes to expand the universe created in Steampunker. 

Created by Telehorse, the Polish video game developers, Steamville is a puzzle adventure. We rejoin the previosu hero Vincent engaging in combat in the town of Steamville. Throughout the game you’ll have to fight robots from Outer Space and the aim of the game is to carefully plan your journey because the electro-bombs you use on the robots don’t kill them. They only shock them for a bit allowing you to operate a gate or bridge in order to move on further.

Screenshot1As with any game, the levels begin easy and progressively get harder as you get used to the game and it’s machinations. Silver Rocket is providing the original score, just like in Steampunker. Steamville is being developed for iOS mobile devices, but Telehorse has every intention of getting it on Android simultaneously.

It’s worth noting that the game isn’t free. There are four chapters with eight scenes in each one. The first chapter is free with the next ones needing payment to unlock, so make sure you’re prepared to invest before installing.


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