Cheese advert features steampunk gadgets

wpid-img_20150609_231445.jpgI like seeing steampunk references on television, especially when it’s done well. Here in the UK there’s a cheese called Seriously Strong.  In their most recent advertisement, they feature a strong steampunk element throughout.wpid-img_20150609_231532.jpgThe advert opens on green, Scottish (most likely as it’s a Scottish company) farm land with a small cottage in the distance. This turns out to be the base operations of the cheese production. There’s gate that opens to the cheese store using a series of pulleys. There’s a gentleman wearing a complex pair of goggles, but unlike most steampunk goggles, these brass rimmed ones are used for checking the cheese. They feature multiple magnifying glasses.

wpid-img_20150609_231401.jpgThere are lots of gadgets in the factory and most of them appear to be Rube Goldberg devices. If you’re unfamiliar with what a Rube Goldberg device is, it’s a machine that is over-engineered to perform simple tasks.


The full advert is below.

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