Your time at the Asylum

8070Some of you will already be at the Asylum location in Lincoln while most will be arriving Friday and Saturday. There are a number of things to think about that will be able to ensure you have the best possible time.Take your time

There’s a lot to do over the next four days and it could get very tiring if you’re trying to rush from one event to the next. There are some features that are repeated each day, so make sure you keep looking at the schedule and plan accordingly.

Keep hydrated

This year doesn’t look like it’s going to be the Indian Summer I was hoping for, but when you’re compressed into a corset or have multiple layers on you will still need to keep imbibing. Keep a bottle of water on you, hide it in a bag or dispense it into a hip flask.

IMG_8252Be Polite

If this is your first time at Asylum, you may get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of photographers and civilians running around taking pictures. The majority are polite and will ask for a photograph, but some will simply take one without asking. As impolite as this is, as steampunks, we must retain dignity. If you don’t wish to have your photograph taken, you have the right to ask them not to. They should respect your wishes, but please be aware that if you’re on public land, people are legally allowed to photograph whatever and whoever they want.

Aside from photographers, steampunks already have a reputation within the community for being terribly nice and it’s now getting noticed by the mainstream media and civilians. Do your bit for the culture and maintain an air of decency and etiquette while interacting with other people.

Plan your day

As I mentioned earlier, it’s good to plan so you can take your time. My first visit was a blend of running from one venue to the other and mopping beads of perspiration from my brow once I was there. If I had used the Asylum timetable I would have been able to work out what was on multiple days and be more organised. That’s what I’ll be doing this year.

Dare to get involved

This year I think I might be doing the Costume Parade. I don’t normally get involved with events in this way, but I really want to have the courage to do it. Why not try something yourself? Even if it’s simply asking some questions at a workshop

The Illicit Market would be wonderful if it ever took place. Which it doesn't.
The Illicit Market would be wonderful if it ever took place. Which it doesn’t.

Don’t mention the market that shouldn’t be mentioned

One of my favourite parts of Asylum doesn’t even happen. Officially. I really enjoyed the Illicit Market last year, but sadly it’s on the Monday this year and I leave on the Sunday. Nobody talks about the market and neither should you. It’s success is equal to its secrecy.

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