Goodbye pocket watch, hello Tesla Watch?

imnl_tesla_watch_flatI love my pocket watch and I take it everywhere. It’s actually quite modern because I’m frankly too lazy to keep winding one. That could be the only reason I wouldn’t use the Tesla Watch from ThinkGeek. Well, if the wind up key actually worked.It sports a brass face with two clocks. The smaller one is dedicated to seconds while the larger deals with hours and minutes. The On/Off switch at the top turns on the lights that stick out either side of it. While this looks pretty, it will arguably use up power faster and they don’t glow brilliantly bright.

The use of the wind key has caused some criticism on the YouTube channel with many people saying you won’t get the chance to wear it because you’ll lose the key immediately. They obviously haven’t gone to the website and looked at the specification as it is clearly stated that the key is ornamental. There’s a chance of losing it, of course but I think as long as you’re careful, it will remain safely in the slide-in pocket on the wrist strap.

The watch is currently available to pre-order with a expected general sale date of October 2015.

You can watch the video on this page here and then go and pre-order at the ThinkGeek website here: Tesla Watch at ThinkGeek

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