Patti LuPone to rejoin Penny Dreadful cast

patti_luponeIt seems that Penny Dreadful is going a little like American Horror Story for series three. In AHS, the same cast members take on different roles dependent on the genre that the series depicts. Penny Dreadful are doing things a little different because series three will follow from series two, unlike AHS which changes each series.

However, despite the death of Patti LuPone‘s character “The Cut-Woman” in the episode of the same name, she will return in series three as an altogether different person.

Complimenting her triumphant return are Shazad Latif who seems to have been confirmed as Dr Jekyll.  As well as Latif, Christian Camargo will join as a supporting cast member playing Zoologist Dr Alexander Sweet. Camargo is better known as Colonel John Cambridge from The Hurt Locker. Sam Barnett is also set to appear as the assistant of Patti LuPone’s character. He’s previously appeared in The History Boys and Jupiter Ascending.

The third series will run for nine episodes and according to an Executive Producer, there’s going to be a “real change of pace” as the show leaves Victorian London and heads out into the world.

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