San Francisco Victorian Fashion takeover

SFLogoAnyone looking for something to do on September 16th and in the San Francisco area will be interested to learn that the San Francisco Dungeon are putting on a late night event to educate and terrify you.

The San Francisco Dungeon opened in June 2014 and is the first American Dungeon experience. There are already several in Europe including two here in Britain. Wicked Wednesday has been going for a while now with tickets selling out, but after a chat with the Dungeon marketing team, they’ve offered Steampunk Journal readers discounted tickets with a hefty 23% off! That takes the normal price of $35 down to $27. September 16th is the Victorian takeover and the organisers want you to go in your finest Victoriana and steampunk garb.

Dungeons_2014_Boat_Ride_San_Fransisco_AW_RGBPart of the world famous Madame Tussaud’s entertainment, the San Francisco Dungeon is an interactive entertainment experience that features live actors dressed in the clothes of the day. They’re not just there to point you to the gift shop, though. As far as they’re concerned, you’re in old San Fran’ in the late 19th century. There’s even a murky boat ride to take you through the history of the city. The attraction is a 360º immersive experience with sights sounds and smells of the day.


Some of the other features of the Dungeon include:

  • The Descent
    The gripping tales of the Bay Area’s authentic past await you! Drop into the depths of the Dungeon to begin your journey.
  • Gold Rush Greed
    Violence and corruption dominate the American frontier, as you are immersed into the clash between natives and new settlers.
  • Lost Mines of Sutter’s Mill
    Don’t get trapped in the dizzying and disorienting mirror maze as the dynamite explodes!
  • Streets of San Francisco
    The Hounds are out to find political traitors! They may “Know Nothing,” but they sure know how to get some answers…
  • The Court of San Francisco
    Guilty or very guilty? As Judge Meade always says about heinous criminals: “Give ‘em a fair trial, and hang ‘em high!”
  • Miss Piggott’s Saloon
    Come in for a drink on the house! Miss Piggott’s got one heck of a business.
  • Shanghai Kelly’s Boat Ride
    You’ve been Shanghaied! Thanks for “volunteering” these ships need sailors like you!
  • Chinatown Plague Street
    The Plague strikes San Francisco at the turn of ther 20th century! Lucky you!
  • The Ghosts of Alcatraz
    These prison walls hold the most dangerous military fugitives. Did you hear something?

Due to the nature of the event held at night, only people over the age of 21 are allowed to attend. To book your tickets, follow the link here to get 23% discount: San Francisco Dungeon Wicked Wednesday tickets

For more information about the Museum, you can visit their page here: San Francisco Dungeon website

2 thoughts on “San Francisco Victorian Fashion takeover

    1. Yes I know, they’ve mentioned that it was for two days originally but that they’ve had to cut it down to one. They didn’t mention the boat ride not happening so I left it in.

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