Answers to the Cut-Woman’s return in Penny Dreadful series 3

patti_lupone2Fashion and Style have listed a few reasons to justify the return of Patti LuPone in the third series of Penny Dreadful. Normally I would simply shrug such news off as creative licence, but the trendy magazine has speculated on three reasons why she may be back and it makes for interesting reading.

Here is the list from three to one of why Patti LuPone has returned:

3. It Was Hinted That The Cut-Wife Was Nearly Immortal

Joan admitted to Vanessa during “Penny Dreadful” season two that Evelyn Poole was her sister and they dabbled in the occult.

However, Evelyn soon strayed from the Pagan beliefs and herbalism that the coven was originally interested in.

The Cut-Wife’s sister soon became enamored of devil-worship and sold her soul, therefore becoming practically immortal.

Joan herself was also reveled to be older than she looked when she told Vanessa that Cromwell himself had deeded her the land.

2. She Was Skilled In Magic

Although the Cut-Wife turned away from the dark arts, she was still skilled with magic and herbal remedies.

Given the fact that Evelyn Poole and her coven made Vanessa hallucinate a few times, it stands to reason that Joan would know how to do that spell too.

Perhaps the Cut-Wife knew she was in danger and faked her own death in order to go into hiding.

Vanessa passed out after she thought Joan died so she wouldn’t know that it was simply an illusion, which would explain why she might not recognize her as Dr. Seward.

1. Joan Wanted To Protect Vanessa

If Joan used dark magic to make everyone believe that the Cut-Wife was dead and assumed the identity of Dr. Seward, it could be because she wanted to protect Vanessa.

It was implied during the second season of “Penny Dreadful” season two that Joan knew all about the prophecy and that Vanessa is Amunet‘s reincarnation.

Perhaps by pretending to be a psychiatrist, Joan hopes to bolster Vanessa’s spirits so that she can finally defeat both Lucifer and Dracula.


Interesting theories if nothing else. It could simply be that the producers decided they’d found a good actress in LuPone and rehired her. Crazier things have happened.

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