Putting the “pun” into Steampunk

morcambe_splendidWe’re a hilarious lot and The Lancashire Evening News added to the cause by managing to create yet another steampunk based, rib tickling punny headline. The article written on 7th October highlights the Splendid Day Out in Morcambe that’s on this weekend.

They posted about the weekend event with the puntastic headline “Take one for the steam”, but titter ye not! That’s not the funniest available. Mainstream media love their puns and steampunk never escapes from it. Generally, the target is aimed at the word steam and how [the word] is linked to the more risqué side of life, but amid the “steamy days out”, “The steamier side of life” or “Have a steamy time with your other half”, my favourite play on the name – though not exactly a pun – has to be from Professor Elemental who said “Without the team in steampunk, all you’re left with is a sticky mess”.

The International TeaDuelling League uses the catchphrase “You can’t say Steam without Tea”

Do you have a pun on steampunk or catchphrase that you like to say? Let me know in the comments below.



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