New trailer from Sherlock Victorian episode (VIDEO)

sherlock_trailer_the_abominable_bride3Due to the phenomenal success of the modern day take on the classic Sherlock Holmes story, the writers of Sherlock have filmed a one off special set in Victorian London when the original stories were set. I’ve already reported on news of the program in the past and even shown a short sample of footage from it, but now the official trailer has been released.

sherlock_trailer_the_abominable_brideTitled “The Abominable Bride”, the trailer sees our sleuthing duo travelling from a fog engulfed London to the countryside discovering clues and solving the mystery. Footage from the trailer shows a very well shot program, as usual, with some great sets and gorgeous photography. Aside from the usual formula of the two gentlemen being the heroes (as per the novels), the trailer touches on a hint of jealousy with Dr Watson’s wife, Mary. At one point Mrs Hudson remarks “What a life those gentlemen lead”, to which Mrs Watson despondently replies “Yes… Those gentlemen…” This could be the seedlings of a minor story arc where Mrs Watson wishes to join in and can’t because she’s a woman? That’s an issue that steampunk and modern day society would recoil at, but back then it was a very real issue.


The show will air on January 1st on the BBC in the UK with PBS showing it in the USA. There’s also going to be theatrical releases around the world. Series four of Sherlock set in today’s London has been announced by writers Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the latter also plays Sherlock’s ever antagonised brother Mycroft.

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