Children of Another Albion – J.P. Paradise

Final cover (smaller)
When the greatest minds at the Institute of Alchemic Sciences launch their portal into another world with the express intention of kidnapping an atomic scientist, they can little imagine that they will net themselves two young and very bemused children instead.

Abandoned by their captors and left to fend for themselves in a foreign, steam-powered land, things look grim for the dimension-hopping youngsters. That is until Institute Director Doctor Rheingold realises that the knowledge the children have of their own world could be useful to his ambitious plans and is desperate to get them back.

Embark on a voyage through the steampunk world of Albion Magna, with crazy vehicles more dangerous than practical, talking animals, mad scientists, formidable housekeepers, airship chases, and two kids who just want to get home.

The first chapter of this book will be published on Steampunk Journal on 10th November 2015. Bookmark Steampunk Journal to keep up to date with the latest news, reviews, articles and previews.

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