Steampunk outfits available on Assassin’s Creed

760dfb5732c4f6ed1da2206a0f6ddb7bfad73864.jpg__940x420_q85_crop-smart_subject_location-1261,219_upscaleNot ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, Ubisoft have released a steampunk upgrade to their characters in the new installment of the ever expanding franchise. Although the download is initially free and allows you to kit out Evie Frye in steampunk gear, there’s a cost attached to the main protagonist Jacob Frye.A lot of the discussion about the new upgrade is because of the size of the download. At 820Mb for Xbox One and 1Gb for PS4 that’s a lot of data and it’s thought that much of the code will be to patch the game into allowing the new clothing.

The new upgrade features new clothing and weapons such as the Cloaking Cloak – which crackles with electricity,  Rend Asunder – a revolver with a gilded barrel, Chronographic Piercer – a large gauntlet with a pressure gauge and precision time-piece, the Wallop Enhancifier – a knuckle duster with large spikes and for Jacob there’s a Fisticuffing Belt. By choosing the steampunk pack, you automatically get fitted with the customary goggles. Although interestingly, your character actually wears them!

Ubisoft have also provided information for cosplayers looking to recreate the outfits with Pantone colour charts and detail information.

Evie's Steampunk Outfit
Evie’s Steampunk Outfit
Jacob's Steampunk Outfit
Jacob’s Steampunk Outfit

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