Beyond the Rails by Jack Tyler

BookCoverImage - LargeIn the spring of 1882, a young man arrives in Mombasa, Kenya with a plan to change the world of science.

A man ahead of his time.

Nicholas Ellsworth is a botanist fresh from Cambridge whose mission is to catalog the flora of Africa, and unlock its medicinal secrets for the benefit of mankind. Intrigued by a lovely young woman who happens to be an airship pilot of extraordinary skill, he falls in with a crew of expatriates, misfits and castoffs all, whose cargo blimp, the Kestrel, carries them from one adventure to the next as they try to eke out a living moving all manner of cargo out beyond the rails.

Their captain, a disgraced former military commander, is employer, protector, and father-figure to the young pilot, the Anglo-Prussian engineer, and a fugitive American gunslinger whose mysterious past could catch up with him at any time.

Climb aboard and hang on for a thrilling ride through an alternate history.

The first chapter of this book will be published on Steampunk Journal on 13th November 2015. Bookmark Steampunk Journal to keep up to date with the latest news, reviews, articles and previews.

Buy: Amazon Selling Page (there are other books available, please visit the author’s website below for more details) – $8.60 paperback

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Author Website: Jack’s Place

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