Steel & Sky – Ren Cummins

steelandskyFrontVisions of the end of the world have begun to creep into the dreams of the spiritual leader of the Sky People. But what exactly will happen seems to hinge upon a mysterious Dead Man who stands between the people of Aerthos and the ultimate powers who live beyond the sky. Sjora, a reformed pirate is sent into the capitol of the Steel Cities to find and capture this Dead Man, in hopes of getting to the bottom of this mystery. But who is this dead man, and whose side is he on?

The first chapter of this book will be published on Steampunk Journal on 14th November 2015. Bookmark Steampunk Journal to keep up to date with the latest news, reviews, articles and previews.

Buy: Amazon Selling Page (this book could also be available from other outlets, please visit the webpage below for more details)

Social Media: Facebook/RenCumminsAuthor

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