Son of Steampunk Eddie saves family from house fire

Contestant - Ed "Steampunk Eddie" Thayer
Ed “Steampunk Eddie” Thayer

The family home of Steampunk’d winner Steampunk Eddie’s children and ex-wife caught fire on 10th November, it was revealed on Michigan Live. Steampunk Eddie, whose real name is Eddie Thayer, has three children aged 20, 13 and 10. According to reports, the fire broke out in the bedroom of his 20 year old daughter who wasn’t home at the time.

The alarm was raised by Hunter, Thayer’s 13 year old son, who had woken up in the night to a loud noise and his bedroom shaking. Acting on curiosity and adrenaline, he went to investigate and discovered the blaze.

Hunter is reported to have said “I was really confused (as to) what happened, what blew up?” then went on to say how he ran downstairs to wake up his mum and her fiancee. The two then attempted to tackle the fire while the children escaped and the Fire Department arrived. “He did everything he could to get fire out,” Hunter said of James Winkle – his mum’s fiancee – “They were up there (for) ten to fifteen minutes,” he added.

Thayer arrived on the scene after the Fire Department who spent 20 minutes extinguishing the fire. “I had tears coming out of my eyes thinking about what could have happened,” Thayer said, reflecting on the drama.  “I was so thankful and proud; I probably hugged him hard enough to break his ribs,” he added.

The cause of the fire is unknown and investigators are trying to determine what happened. The house is uninhabitable due to smoke damage, with clothes and children’s toys now rendered useless. However Thayer considers that a worthwhile loss to know that his children are safe. “The things in the house can be replaced, your kids can’t,” he said. The children will stay with Thayer while everyone recovers from the ordeal.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the children to replace items lost and so far $950 of the $2000 target has been reached.

Steampunk Eddie recently won the final of Steampunk’d which came with a $100,000 dollar prize.

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