Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society by Alice E Keyes

bookcover Miss W. final 6 shareIn an alternate steampunk world…
Miss Evelyn Winsome, a New York socialite and niece of Senator Roosevelt, travels to the wilds of Yellowstone National Park to embark on an adventure which doesn’t involve afternoon teas nor being chaperoned. Calamity befalls Evelyn from train delays, airship mishaps, geysers and wildlife. Fortunately, she has made new friends including handsome Ranger Dashing to keep her from harm…or will they put her in harm’s way?
Is Ranger Dashing’s rescuing abilities a match for villainous Lucy Millstone, an agent for the Aether to Terra Luddites, bent on getting publicity for her cause of eliminating socialites from her precious Yellowstone wilderness?
Will the mountainous terrain of Yellowstone prove to be too much for  Evelyn and her bicycling abilities?
Will Ranger Dashing regret becoming a Ranger?
Adventure and peril await Evelyn Winsome in the vaporous caldera of Yellowstone National Park.

The first chapter of Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society will appear on 22nd November. Bookmark Steampunk Journal to keep up to date with the latest news, reviews, articles and previews.

Buy: Amazon Selling Page $7.98 paperback (this book is also available from other outlets, please visit the webpage below for more details)

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Author Website: AliceEKeyes.blogspot

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