Charming steampunk comic book doubles Kickstarter target

photo-originalI received a delightful electronic telegram from an enthusiastic duo of artists recently. Joann Dominik and Faye Simms are the driving force behind the project with Faye doing the artwork. The pair started a Kickstarter campaign to get the project and first issue off the ground. They placed a target of £600 and so far they’ve raised £1387 and there’s still a month to go until the deadline. There are lots of prizes up for grabs depending on the amount that you contribute.

I find this a very interesting project. Steampunk is mostly regarded as science fiction and while that has never excluded magic being used, it rarely gets a mention. To have an entire city held up by magic shows quite how prominent it is in The Folding. Below is a brief description of the story that will unfold over the course of the series.

If you’d like to contribute even more to the project, you can do that by following the link below this article. You can also learn more about this fascinating comic book by visiting the website here: The Foldings


When magic is everything: powers your technology, heals your sick, keeps lamps burning and cities held high, one man has a surprising lack of talent. Magic can’t seem to touch Jasper, an anomaly that could be as useful as it is dangerous. And for Micah, a powerful young magician, he turns out to be so much more interesting than that.

An airship arms race of innovation turns deadly and Micah, our master magician seeks help from a fuel-developing chemist, Orla, and her partner Piori, an engineering genius whose mechanical empire is headed by street children. Drafting the magical government’s ever-silent chief engineer Ellie, they have to solve the riddle of the exploding airships before more people die.

The Foldings on Kickstarter

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