Steampunk Crowdfunding November 2015 Edition

There are some great performances up on Kickstarter this month, and I am so happy to see more of these types of projects. I had such a great time at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in 2014 when I had an opportunity to see lots of awesome Steampunk and Victorian content. It is one thing to read a Steampunk book or even attend a convention, but being part of a rapt audience at a performance or film screening is a whole other level of immersion. Keep it coming creators!

What’s Going on in November and December?

Performing Arts

Absinthe Heroes: The Darkly Humorous Steampunk Rock Opera, Ends Dec 15


Absinthe Heroes is a propulsive, darkly humorous rock opera which both satirizes and celebrates the weird, wondrous world which is Steampunk.  It’s got a gorgeous score by renowned Steampunk headliner Psyche Corporation, whose work has enthralled audiences all over the world.  Absinthe Heroes has been described as “a riotous blending of the ridiculous and the sublime”; “mad science in theatrical form”, and “A Steampunk rollercoaster”.  It’s chock full of surprises, plot twists, Easter eggs, and, just as things are starting to get seriously silly, it arcs into exhilarating drama and storytelling.

My Favorite Reward: For a $15 pledge, backers can have their Steampunk business or event shared with 87,000 people who follow the Facebook page, as well as having an official Steampunk title bestowed upon them.

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Beard and Bean: Steampunk Science live shows, ends December 20

Watch the video:

Beard & Bean have entertained audiences on stage and screen. This two person comedy team entertains at conventions, expos and festivals engaging audiences in imaginative game shows, creative discussions and adding humor to informative panels on a variety of subjects. Beard and Bean become fan favorites and are repeatedly asked back to events year after year.

In 2015, after meeting with Doc Phineas, a Steampunker from Pawn Stars, Beard & Bean have been offered stage time at Steamathon 2016 in Las Vegas. What a great way to premiere two new shows for 2016! Currently there are two stage events in development: Micheal Faraday’s Life of a Candle and Beard and Bean: Science Pirates.

My Favorite Reward: For a $15 pledge you can get a thank you and a “stunt liver” bottle opener.

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The Circus Short Film, Ends Dec. 30

Watch the video:

‘The Circus’ is influenced heavily on the steampunk style: vintage, industrial, machinery and technology, in parallel with Victorian London itself. More than this, Victorian London was a dark, mysterious time: people disappeared unannounced, Jack the Ripper’s identity was and never will be known, London was poverty stricken, overcrowded and many went hungry. It’s a fascinating place to explore, therefore we have tried to convey that within our story…

My Favorite Reward: For 20 GBP you can get a digital download of the film before anyone else gets to see it.

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Nikola Tesla Trilogy: Steampunk Adventures Through Space and Time, Ends Dec. 7

Watch the video:

“WHO- Hi, I’m Sean Hoade. You may know me from my fiction and nonfiction books about zombies,Zombie School Confidential and Reviva Las Vegas!, my thriller Ain’t That America, my literary-historical fantasy Darwin’s Dreams, my unhinged collection of stories Inappropriate Behavior, my acclaimed horror-Edwardian mashup Deadtown Abbey, or my Lovecraftian trilogy, Cthulhu Attacks!

Or perhaps not. In which case, Hello! I create the novels you never even knew you were waiting for, and that is definitely the case with my upcoming series (each individual volume being released in 2016), The Tesla Trilogy.”

My Favorite Reward: For a $25 pledge you can get all three ebooks

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Dukes and Dirigibles, Ends Dec. 19

891c7c62a784557a7c2d8e709265878a_originalWatch the video:

“Set in the skies over Victorian England, Dukes and Dirigibles enables players to perform exhilarating feats of aerial combat. Dare you enter the massive floating arenas filled with all manner of aircraft, turrets, and airships? Gun powder will flare, cannons will roar, and smoke will fill the skies… Test your skills against friend and foe alike. Giant airships will hunt you down in Singleplayer, and your own friends will hunt you down in head-to-head Local Multiplayer dogfights.”

My Favorite Reward: For just $10 you can get the game.

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Other Fun Projects

Legends of Steampunk Miniatures, Ends Dec. 13


“For years they have walked among us… the dashing heroes and their extraordinary adventures, the bold engineers and their amazing inventions, the resourceful and steadfast leaders who take our hands and lead us gently and humbly through incredible worlds. They are the pioneers, the Legends of British Steampunk. and now they are to become immortalised in the showcases of collectors and on the tabletops of gamers across this wide world. Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for the LEGENDS OF BRITISH STEAMPUNK!

Over the last ten years the UK Steampunk scene has grown insatiably and is now, dare I say it? Something of a fashion trend…  but there have been and still are emergent pioneers from all over the globe who have broken and continue to break the cliches and assumptions and drive Steampunk forwards as a progressive craft movement that refuses to be defined and boxed. It is my longing to add some of these magnificent men and women to the growing number of ‘steampunk’ miniatures available as a tribute to their advancement of the name of Steampunk, thanks for the inspiration they have given me and as a reminder that we shouldn’t try to define these things too tightly.”

My Favorite Reward: For a pledge of 20 GBP you can get any set of 6 miniatures. These can be used for gaming or just to have on display, and feature some of the cool folks I met while I was on my Steam Tour last year.

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