Someone has made a steampunk Hot Rod and it’s beautiful

001-1933-factory-five-hot-rod-roadster--lprWhat happens when you take a gorgeous Hot Rod and replace the chrome with copper? This Factory Five 1933 Hot Rod, that’s what.010-1933-factory-five-hot-rod-roadster--lprAccording to the article on Hot Rod magazine website, this car was designed and modded by Chris Miranda of West Coast Auto Craft in California. The car is a newly built car, not a vintage Hot Rod. It’s a fibreglass body on a tubular chassis and performance suspension. When Miranda found out that the owner of the car (who commissioned the build) was a steampunk, he decided to use the subculture as inspiration for the build.

Out went the chrome and in came the copper with exception to the driving seat and some of the body which was replaced with aluminium. The seats are bomber style racing seats and have been fitted especially to the driver along with the position of the steering wheel.

From then there was a lot of upgrading that you can read about on the actual page by following this link while I drool over the steampunk elements.

Here’s some more pictures:

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