Darkwell steampunk short looks for funding

darkwell 2A new Indiegogo campaign has been started to create a steampunk film. I’ve posted the copy from the page below as well as links if you’d like to contribute. It certainly looks interesting.


Eva, a young gypsy girl, is on a mission to find a cure that will save her mother from a horrific plague, however with the Tyrant King’s plan prevailing and time running out, she must look to her long lost brother to help her save her family.

Our film aims to take you on adventure into a world unlike anything you’ve ever known and tell a story unlike anything you’ve ever heard, whilst holding you close with themes and relationships that we can all connect to.


We have a wonderfully talented crew working on this project, some of us having won several awards for previous film work all over the globe.

Written and Directed by Summer Greenwood, Produced by Matthew Harrison, Editing and Sound design by Ryan Lee, Set and Lighting Design by Ollie Saunders, Director of Photography; James Betts and Camera Operator; Svilen Slavov.

We are also working with an incredibly talented and renowned Casting Director; Ben Cogan, who has 15 years experience with the BBC and now runs his own extremely successful casting company and we are very excited to be working with him.

Our vision

We are so eager to get going with this project, and create a colourful, layered film, which will not only tell a story, but also represent the steampunk sub-genre and culture, which has been largely neglected within the film industry.  This is an ambitious project – creating a whole different universe within the realms of a short film, but with your help is more than doable and we can’t wait to make it a success.

What we need and what you’ll get.

(Sorry to be cheeky but)… We really need your help!!  Creating a parallel universe doesn’t just happen by itself you know.

We are looking to raise £5,500 in aid of funding costumes, props, set dressing, actors payment, catering and transport.
We have some brilliant perks on offer, whether you’re a fan of steampunk or just a fan of film, there’s something for everyone, so please check them out and consider donating.  Any amount will be so greatly appreciated and it will all add up to help us turn this vision into a reality, so if you’ve decided to help us already, thank you!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, please read on…
We’re not claiming to be feminists here, but with a strong female protagonist and a female writer and director, we feel there’s a much needed message to be put across in the making of this film.  And that my friends is equality… in the steam industrial revolution and in the film industry alike.  But with all the girl power in the world, we still need YOUR help!
Risks and Challenges

Naturally the challenges we are going to face are predominantly to do with creating the sets and authenticity of the steampunk universe, but we have all the necessary contacts in place already for props, locations, costume design and casting.  Funding is the last major hurdle we have to face before creating our vision.

Ways you can help

You can visit the Indiegogo campaign page and learn more about the project by following this link: Darkwell Steampunk Short Film Indiegogo page

We completely understand that it’s Christmas time and money is tight, so if you can’t help with the money pot, we do understand. But please if you could take a minute to like our Facebook page at


And please, please, please share our indiegogo campaign, we need all the help we can get.  Remember sharing is caring and every little helps!

Thank you for your time and have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year

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