Steampunks are rolling in cash, right?

copyright HooDoo
copyright HooDoo

It was in the news today that a trendy interior design shop in North London decided to sell some ex-Christmas display logs that had various colours painted at one end. The price they put on each log was £10, 2 for £15 or the lot for £50. The shop has reported that they’ve sold surprisingly well.

Now, if a someone can sell logs that have been painted at one end, then surely the precision work that goes into a steampunk invention can do just as well? After all, the ingredients of a good steampunk accessory isn’t just copper paint, old leather and a Nerf gun. Love and passion are also essential to the making of a good steampunk product.

In the article Steampunks are Too Clever for Big Businesses, I talked about how the mainstream buzz of steampunk died off quickly because we can’t be fooled by corporations, so they inevitably moved on to something else where they could sell their mass produced tat. As creative people we have a unique outlook on life that we would rather express ourselves and we would rather love what we’re doing for less money than sell high priced items that we don’t have any interest in. Still, based on the painted log situation, if people are stupid enough to buy that kind of thing then surely when presented with a splendid quality item, that actually is a talking point, it would be snapped up?

Of course, we have to take into consideration that not everyone likes the late 19th century aesthetic and therefore sales won’t necessarily flowing like a river. Maybe a bubbling brook.

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