STARLING, A novella by Frank Cohen

front_coverSTARLING is a novella about a man and a woman who are 60 years apart in age. Jeff is a medical school student and meets Allisandra as she is suffering a heart attack. Before she dies she stuffs a vintage pocket watch into Jeff’s pocket. He realizes this special watch enables him to travel back through time to find Allisandra when she is his age. They fall in love using the power of the watch. They embark on an adventure together to find 5 more pocket watches – each with their own special powers. Each watch teaches life skills the reader will learn to improve their own lives. For example, the Replay watch teaches the power of Yoga’s Ujjayi breath to reflect on your past decisions and get a do-over in life. Yet, there’s no time for Jeff and Allisandra to sit still. They are pursued by Hinky, the inventor of the watches. Hinky’s goal is to retrieve all 6 pocket watches. He can then control everyone in the world by making them all special with the power of the watches. If Hinky succeeds Jeff and Allisandra will not be able to fall in love.

The first chapter of STARLING; A Novella Book will be published on the 28th January. Bookmark Steampunk Journal to keep up to date with the latest news, reviews, articles and previews.

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STARLING watches are available to buy and are quite lovely. Take a look at the Steampunk Journal review of the Inception watch here: Steampunk Journal Inception watch review

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