Wells: Steampunk action game for Xbox One

Wells Poster
Wells Poster

Brazilian computer game programmers Tower Up have announced the availability of Wells, a side scrolling steampunk action shoot-em-up. Building on the popularity of games such as Run & Gun in the 1990’s, with Wells you can expect to have to fend off hordes of enemies with explosions and gigantic bosses all within a steampunk universe.

You play George Wells; a notorious smuggler from the city of Percepolis (a city of the new century) and you’ll find yourself having to use all his skills in order to get revenge on the people that tried to murder him. There are a huge variety of enemies and each one requires a different strategy in order to defeat it. On top of that, each level has a boss to beat. You will get the help of vehicles and weapons though and each one has a unique functionality that will help Wells face and – eventually – defeat each challenge. Ammunition is unlimited, but there will be a cool-down after a certain amount of shots so use it intelligently.

Take a look at the promotional video above.

steampunk_journal_wells_image1For more information, you can visit the Tower Up Studios website here: Wells on Tower Up Studios website


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