Gorgeous steampunk guns on show at National Firearms Museum

steampunk_journal_nra_hand_gun4I don’t normally associate with the NRA due to their stance on wanting to increase the amount of guns in America, but credit where credit’s due; this steampunk prosthetic arm and pistol creation is stunning.

The gun comes with a brass and leather gauntlet that is attached to the pistol via pipes and wires so that the dials are functional. The three dials are for Rate of Fire (shots per second), Trigger Pull (in lbs) and Reload Rate (1-6). The commands from the dials are sent to the pistol via the aforementioned tubes. The revolver is based on a Remington .44 percussion revolver and has been retrofitted with a brass telescopic sight and wooden and brass stand with a silencer made out of what looks like copper. This isn’t the only steampunk item on display. There’s also a small single shot .22 calibre pistol that fits conveniently into a card packet.

steampunk_journal_nra_card_gun1The items have been donated by a gentleman by the name of John Belli and are on display at the National Firearms Museum in Virginia.

National Firearms Museum steampunk collection

Please see the gallery below for more images:


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