ABC commissions new steampunk soap pilot

steampunk_journal_abc-gold-logoThe American Broadcasting Company has ordered a series pilot presentation for a new steampunk soap called Spark. The program is written by British playright Michael Cooney who will also Executive Produce alongside Ian Sander and Kim Moses. Sander and Moses are most well known for their producer credits on Ghost Whisperer with pint sized Scream Princess Jennifer Love Hewitt.

There’s no imagery as yet or details as to the storyline, but the program was originally called Power but had to be changed due to Starz already having a program with that title. The titles of Power and Spark suggests something electricity based. Maybe a nod to the life of Nikola Tesla?

According to, Spark is a “lavish primetime genre soap of passion, greed and hope in a Steampunk reality circa 2016.” It goes on to say that the program is set in an alternate history where “gas and coal fuel the world” unlike today where… er… gas and coal fuel the world. It concludes the brief description by saying “The drama centers on the battle for power between two rival families and a rebellious young woman with a spark of invention that could level both their empires.”

The program is currently in pre-production but as yet not even a vague cast list has been posted on IMDb.

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