Watch as American voters sign to get Karl Marx as Hillary Clinton’s Vice President

steampunk_journal_blog-clinton_karl-marxThere are one or two of these “social experiment” videos around which are derogatory and humiliating to the people in them but does highlight a growing fear what people around the world think about the Americans; that they’re getting more stupid. This simply can’t be true but when you see films like this it sadly makes you wonder. In their defence, many are rushing, on their way to work and one guy won’t sign it as he doesn’t know enough about it. Mark Dice is the gentleman who is getting people to sign up and he’s a well known conspiracy theorist that is convinced that organisations such as the NFL are controlling people’s minds. Whether that is true or not is irrelevant to this story, though.

In the video Dice tells people that he’s collecting signatures to help get Karl Marx on the ballot as Hillary Clinton’s Vice President. He makes sure he mentions his name several times, one time he says that Marx has supported her for many years and also that he’s been her economic adviser.  None of the statements are true and I wonder whether the experiment is highlighting how people will simply sign a petition if it’s stuck under their nose without really listening, whether they actually don’t know history or whether he’s using a conditioning trick of telling someone something enough times that they believe it. There’s only really one of those options that will show people as stupid. The others are either mind control, and so unfair, or they simply haven’t engaged their brain before signing their name especially as he even calls Marx a communist and the people he speaks to don’t bat an eyelid.

As one of the greatest countries in the world, I really do hope it’s the latter although the last woman did say she simply doesn’t care.

Karl Marx was a socialist who died in 1883 was anti-capitalist and once said “For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by [him].” His philosophy of life was hardly how Clinton views the world.

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