Steampunk Robot cards will also aid charity

You can click on this picture to go straight to the Etsy page to purchase this card and donate to charity.
You can click on this picture to go straight to the Etsy page, purchase this card and donate to charity.

You may remember my interview with UK based illustrator Curtis Allen and how he makes splendid automaton themed cards for occasions. He got in touch with me yesterday to inform me that up until Mother’s Day, £1 of any sales of his Steampunk Robot Mother’s Day card will be donated to Women’s Aid.

In his blog he writes “I read an article on Wednesday that suggested that instead of giving more publicity to proponents of misogyny by sharing their links and decrying them online, we post links to women’s shelters on them instead.” This is a great idea in itself. I’ve often concurred with many people who don’t think these “Like for a prayer, share for a blessing” posts are constructive, but simply like harvesting. He went on, “I’ve been feeling for a while that I’d like to try and make my drawings into something more useful than they currently are, and Mother’s Day seems a great time to start. So as a first step, I will donate £1 from every sale of my “Coggington’s” Mother’s Day card between now and Mother’s Day to the charity Women’s Aid.”

On top of this charitable endeavour, he’s also incorporated the help of Cadbury – his day time job employers – to match what he raises, up to £100. This could effectively double his contribution at least.

The cards are blank inside so can also be used for birthdays or anniversaries. I think it’s a great idea and I urge anyone to get behind Curtis with his cause.

You can purchase the cards here: Steampunk Mother’s Day card

This is Curtis’ website to see what else he’s up to: Curtis Allen – Illustrator

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