Call of Cthulhu heard again

callofcthulhu-02Some of you gamers out there will have undoubtedly been fascinated at the Call of Cthulhu game that was announced by Frogwares – the people who developed the Sherlock Holmes series – back in January 2014. Since then it seemed to disappear into obscurity, like a subterranean Elder God. However, a new website has popped up with new developers – Cyanide Studio – named at the footer.

There’s still only a little information; not much more than a few images and an option to sign up to the newsletter. The pictures from the landscape look lovely, though. Bleak, dark and ominous are the themes. The two images that are available to view are of the same room from different angles.

callofcthulhu-01The first image shows a low viewpoint of what looks like a library with full oak panelling, gorgeous gothic carving and both a table’s legs and chandelier that resembles the tentacles of an Octopus. Could this be a Cthulhu worshipping cult’s lair?

The second image shows the same room from a higher viewpoint. We see two walls of books, cluttered and old. One of the windows above is boarded up, suggesting that the building is disused. A chair to the right has some pattern embroidered on it. Could this be a Cthulhu emblem? The most interesting point of this, though, is the ominous shadow to the right of the picture in the doorway. This could be anything at all, until you have another look at the first picture which looks completely innocent – if not a little foreboding – and see the silhouette of a figure stood on the balcony.

What - or who - could these shadowy figures be?
What – or who – could these shadowy figures be?

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