Three Virgins conceal Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman had it’s first journey since 1963 – when it was retired – following a £4.2million refit. Many people filmed the iconic steam engine, which was the fastest in it’s day reaching 100mph, on it’s journey from London King’s Cross to York. One chap from Lincolnshire filmed the train as it passed him, but was blocked from sight at the crucial moment by a Virgin train on it’s way in the other direction. Ironically, Virgin has a modern train called the Flying Scotsman and Richard Branson’s firm actually contributed to the financial end of the refurbishment.

Ryan Allen – the unlucky cameraman – soon had a change of luck when he tweeted the video. It came to the attention of Virgin and they responded by giving him free tickets to Atlanta in Georgia, USA as a way of saying sorry. He even got an apology from Richard Branson himself!

This was the tweet that Ryan originally posted on Twitter:


After this, many news portals got wind of it and started to report on his bad luck. Until he got this:



After  thinking someone was having a joke, he graciously accepted the tickets. Mr Branson was also full of apologies and he sent this tweet to Ryan:



All’s well that ends well, then?

Well not actually, because this isn’t the only story I’ve seen where this happened. Steampunk photography God and friend of the Journal Gary Nichols posted a video of the Scotsman as it made it’s way past his offices. At the important moment a Virgin train thundered past and blocked his view.

A friend of mine also posted a photo of the same thing occurring while she was on a train journey. If this is Virgin’s way of apology, it could cost them a lot of airmiles!

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