Victorian Gothic Adventure Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam Launches on Kickstarter

Miss Sally, I presume!
Miss Sally, I presume!

LOS ANGELES, CA — MARCH 1, 2016 — A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Dragabok, an independent comics producer, in an attempt to turn a screenplay by LA based screenwriter David Alton Hedges into a ten issue comic book miniseries. Titled Arcane Sally & Mr Steam, the story focuses on Lord Percival Cawthorne, an American born agent of the British Crown, his butler Runnymede and a mysterious agent called Miss Sally who is assigned to assist Lord Cawthorne solve a mystery.

I say!
I say!

The story will involve “saber duels, steam-powered supercomputing engines, doomed airships and Russian femme fatales” and will end with a duel to the death between the protagonist and antagonist. For Hedges, this is a new experience as his first venture into comic books, citing original big budget action-adventure films as being a hard sell in modern day Hollywood. Dragabok Producer Shane Amaya said “In comics, special effects are not an extra. It’s still a visual medium and Jefferson doesn’t only draw well, he has a director’s gift for powerful visual storytelling.” That would be Jefferson Costa, the widely admired Brazilian artist from São Paulo who will be bringing the pages to life. He’s an HQ Mix Award winner (2015) for his adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. “David’s story is on the surface a fun action-adventure, but it has an emotional depth that surprises,” Costa said. “It’s a beautiful tale, and I knew I had to draw it.  I can’t wait to finish the rest of the book, as the best is yet to come!”

Goodness me
Goodness me

The Kickstarter campaign runs from March 1st through April 7th to raise money for issue #2. Reward tiers include digital comics, original art, and limited edition copies of issues with variant covers from many well-known award-winning artists, including Batman artist Rafael Albuquerque and Justice League artist Marcelo Campos.

If the campaign is successfully funded, 10% of the money raised will be spent on a special print runs of the comic books to be sent to kids across the country through the nonprofit Comics4Kids which distributes comics to children to improve literacy and encourage imagination.

More information can be found at:

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