London gears up for 10th Burlesque Festival

London Burlesque Festival features Sheffield's very own Luna Diosa
London Burlesque Festival features Sheffield’s very own Luna Diosa

May 6th to 22nd sees the 10th annual London Burlesque Festival which will be hosted at Dingwall’s on Camden Lock in swinging London. There will be 17 events in total featuring both seasoned performers from Britain and abroad as well as emerging artists.

The 500 capacity venue is to host all of the showcases and the area is to be transformed into a hideaway of burlesque’s heyday. The organisers – Chaz and Betty Royal – are pulling out all the stops this year with signature shows such as the Big Burlesque Day Out, workshops, seminars, fashions shows and a marketplace so you can top up on your own burlesque equipment.

London Burlesque Festival has become a great networking event with over 150 international and national artists in attendance and a potential 6000 visitors throughout the event. There will also be 100 professional photographers and media sources on hand to spread your name and get yourself known.

For more information, visit the London Burlesque Festival website by clicking on this link: London Burlesque Festival website

Here’s some pictures from London Burlesque Festival:


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