Beyond the Starline by Austin Hackney

An orphaned child.

A mysterious device.

Cut-throat pirates who’d kill to get it.

When her mother is murdered, a young girl finds herself thrust into a dangerous quest to find her missing father.

Harriet Howland is happy to day-dream, listening to the tales of adventure the roguish sky monkey Sibelius tells her at their secret meetings. But when her tower home is attacked by bloodthirsty pirates and her mother killed, she finds herself running headlong into a dangerous struggle for survival.

What is the mysterious device the dying woman thrust into her hands? Who is the strange Professor Poliakoff she’s been told will help her? Can she find out before the murderous pirates close in?

As the mysteries unfold and the danger mounts, Harriet discovers nothing is as it seems. It will take all her wit and courage to tell truth from lies, true friends from enemies, and finally confront the ghosts of her past…

Beyond the Starline is the first in a trilogy of steampunk adventure novels for everyone from nine years up. If you like a fantastical, page-turning adventure story with a gutsy heroine, as heart-wrenching as it is exciting, you’ll love Austin Hackney’s tale of courage, friendship and hope pitted against terrifying odds.

Recent reviews:

“A thoroughly realized situation, a beautiful world and a convincing heroine…I never wanted to stop reading!” ~ Philip Womack, Contributing Editor at the Literary Review and critically acclaimed author of The Liberators and The Darkening Path series.

“This is one fast-paced adventure, written by an inspired mind, the wonderful stuff of daydreams.” ~JL Weaver, author of London Shadows

“Combines the broad sweeps and high peril of the action mystery with the fine detail of character-driven narratives. Both rollicking tale of a plucky youth and sweeping portrayal of a complex society, this novel has much to appeal to readers of all ages and preferences.” ~Dave Higgins on Amazon


The first chapter of Beyond the Starline by Austin Hackney will be published on 16th March, 2016. Bookmark Steampunk Journal to keep up to date with the latest news, reviews, articles and previews.

Buy: Amazon UK £6.99 paperback, £2.99 Kindle, Amazon US $8.99 paperback, $4.25 Kindle, Waterstones £6.99 paperback, Barnes & Noble $2.99 ebook, KOBO £2.99 ebook

Author Website: The Dark Sea


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