Steam team seek funding for steampunk Alice works

Advice from a Caterpillar An art studio by the name of Steam Biscuit have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to see their art creations come to life. The steampunk themed Alice in Wonderland series are a swirling display of the various styles of artwork that the team are capable of.

Alice dreams (2)The team of three artists have already made 14 designs which are available to order exclusively on the Indiegogo website by donating a pledged amount to the campaign. Every piece will be signed and numbered as they will be a limited run.

Images begin at $15 for a poster print. In order to get a canvas, investment starts at $74 for a 30×40 inch print. Prices go as high as $789 for a 35.5×26 inch canvas of the Knave of Hearts image. All prices have shipping added additionally. The team have only just begun their journey, so need your help. As an extra bonus, they’ve also pledged to use any surplus funds raised to offer free painting courses for talented teenagers.

Knave of HeartsYou can find out more about the campaign by visiting their Indiegogo page here: Steam Biscuit on Indiegogo

Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with their activity here: Steam Biscuit on Facebook

or on Twitter here: Steam Biscuit on Twitter

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