Double D Dining launches on YouTube

double_d_dining_coverWhat would happen if you took a saucy British postcard, stuck a pinny on it and placed it in a kitchen in front of the camera? Double D Dining is what.

double_d_dining_screenshot2This hilarious new YouTube channel follows the culinary exploits of Daisy Van Dutch as she improves our cooking ability with fine ingredients, a gorgeous smile, ample cleavage and a bucket of smut. The first episode covers Bread Cones and runs for around 10 and a half minutes. Interestingly, thanks to the interaction from Daisy, the actual lesson doesn’t start until three minutes in because she’s busy working the viewers up into a sweat.

Daisy is like Nigella Lawson on absinthe during a Vaudeville show; every other word is a double entendre. It’s like what would happen if the Carry On team were born in an alternate universe and rolled up into one seductive, busty steampunk. Hailing from the not-so-British area of Boca Rat0n in Florida, Daisy says her inspiration for producing these videos is her desire to bring steam and punk into the kitchen which is her everyday kitchen modified for video production.

double_d_dining_screenshot1When not making the videos for her new channel with her Producer (there’s just the two of them), daisy is a Head Chef so has lots of experience with cooking. She’s unwilling to reveal her real self for now, so we’ll have to settle for the Daisy persona until she comes clean. In the future, Daisy says she hopes to expand the video to include Drinks with Daisy, Dashing Make-Up as well as film reviews.

The next episode should be on this weekend sometime and I’m definitely subscribing. They say if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well I’m going to go and lie down in a dark room with a cold flannel on my forehead.

You can watch Daisy get gentlemen all hot under the collar on her YouTube page here: Double D Dining YouTube channel

If you’d like to connect with her in other ways, you can contact her via Facebook, Twitter or visit her website.

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