More stunning steampunk photography

As a photographer I love to see other photographer’s work although I have to admit to feeling a twinge of jealousy when I can see that they’re blatantly better than me. However, that wouldn’t be very gentlemanly of me so instead I’ve decided to showcase two photographers who have recently been in touch.

One of the photographers you’ll remember from May 2015 who goes by the name Johnny Kaos. He sent me some stunning photographs last year that I was privileged enough to share with you. He contacted me recently and asked if I could share some more work with you, so here’s his latest work:

Melani is for hire as a model and you can get in touch via her PurplePort profile here: Melani on PurplePort

Daraporn is also available to hire and can also be viewed on PurplePort here: Dararony on PurplePort

I’ve also been in touch with Ad van der Nat. He’s a photographer from the Netherlands who recently passed his course at the University of Applied Photography. He’s begun a steampunk project where he wants to get 40 portraits done. He’s around half way through and wants to share what he’s done so far with the readers of Steampunk Journal. Hailing from Eindhoven, Ad works mainly from home, though he does have a small portable system if he needs to work on location. His initial inspiration for the project was to take photographs of people, then after a visit with his wife to a Fantasy fair, he became fascinated with steampunk. “Immediately I was interested,” he recollects. ” At that moment I was still working on another projects. When that project was finished I came up with the Steampunks and started with making some calls on Facebook.”

While Ad isn’t a steampunk, he’s interested in many subcultures and the models he uses for his project are steampunks from various pages. People he is now friends with. Once the project is complete, he hopes to collect all 40 images and publish them in a book.

I really like these photographs. Technically, they’re well taken with good exposure and a sharp focal plane. Creatively, they’re a heady mix of modern and traditional – perfect for the steampunk subculture which runs along a similar theme. The models will stand throughout the shoot and are generally cropped to the bust. They’re in colour, yet on a rusty style background.

You can keep up to date on Ad van der Nat’s project by visiting his website here: Ad van der Nat’s photography website

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