Labour announces new Minister for LARP and Cosplay

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn today announced that he has created a new role in the Cabinet to serve the rising popularity of Cosplay and Live Action Role Play. The Secretary for Historical Costume Past-Times has been dubbed “Ministry for LARP”.

Joseph Pointer attending a LARP event last week
Joseph Pointer attending a LARP event last week

Joseph Pointer, Labour MP for Sheffield Attercliffe has been appointed by the new Labour Leader in a stunning surprise announcement today. Mr Pointer will take up his position immediately after he returns from a Ren Fayre at the weekend. His duties will involve promoting outdoor activities, protecting the weak and nerdy and finding ways for women to walk through conventions without having their breasts knocked by accidental elbows.

Mr Pointer said “I was asked to create a new department for Costume Past-Times formally by Mr Corbyn last night after I’d just slammed down my Legendary Drow Ranger.” He went on to say This will be the perfect opportunity to serve a growing demographic of young voters that are largely socialist in their political persuasion while still being highly intelligent, enthusiastic and virgins.”

I managed to stop Mr Pointer at Sheffield’s “Men At Arms” medieval and fantasy role play event. He was about to cleave his double headed battle axe into the metal chest plate of an Elder Dwarf when he stopped and sauntered over for a chat. “This is a perfect opportunity to promote outdoor activities in younger people, spark an interest in history and teach discipline, rules, fairness and avoiding predictable NPCs.

“I’ve been LARPing for a few years now and it’s a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. Before this I was a Brony but those guys are way too crazy for me and while I still have some interest in it, I don’t attend cons anymore.”

Mr Pointer has the daunting task of inspiring our younger generation of voters who are even less interested in voting than other non-voters because it doesn’t involve casting a detect evil spell or who has got the greater exploding gem. However, they make for a vast and largely untapped area of youth voters who could play a crucial role in the 2020 elections. When asked if it meant a reshuffle of the Shadow Cabinet, Mr Corbyn replied “Not really, we’ll probably just shove up a bit so he can get in on the corner.”

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