Doctors remove an Octopus from toddler’s throat

This isn’t a headline I ever considered I’d have to write, but this is a real story and tragic at the same time. According to NBC News, a two year old boy from Wichita, Kansas, was rushed to hospital on Wednesday after his 21 year old mother returned home to find her boyfriend performing CPR on him as he wasn’t breathing. Police documents seen by NBC say that the boy was taken to hospital where an “obstruction” was removed from his throat. Police have confirmed that it was a small Octopus such as what is used in the preparation of Sushi.

Thankfully, since the story broke on Wednesday 6th April, the boy has shown signs of improvement in his condition and he’s been upgraded to “good condition”. However, he’s still in a delicate situation but shows no signs of long term injury caused by deprivation of oxygen to the brain. Sadly, the 36 year old boyfriend has been held by the Police on suspicion of child abuse because his account of how the boy swallowed the two inch Octopus and how he sustained marks around his face are inconsistent with the evidence. He has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse and released on bond.


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