Victorian Society makes last minute attempt to save historic pub

Image owned by the Victorian Society
The Black Horse Hotel, Salford

The Victorian Society have made a last minute attempt to save the Victorian built Black Horse Pub in Salford, Greater Manchester, citing the plans as unsympathetic and inappropriate. The proposal has been approved by Salford Council which is the Salford Crescent Conservation area.

In a release on the Victorian Society website, the Victorian Society’s Senior Conservation adviser, James Hughes, said: “It’s inconceivable that an experienced and skilled architect couldn’t develop a plan for the site that incorporates the Black Horse Hotel alongside an appropriate – and viable – housing development. This is a large site with huge scope for redevelopment. Salford Council should push for a far more appropriate scheme that actually complies with local and national planning policy.” 

The site is owned by Fred Done – operator of Betfred – and he wishes to demolish the impressive building to construct three comparably boring, minimalist towers on the substantial amount of land. Historic England have condemned the designs of the buildings for their height and “slab-like appearance”.

I find this case incredibly interesting. A bookie wants to builds apartment blocks on the site of a gorgeous pub while a society that appreciates the past wishes them to design a symbiotic design of old and new. With the rise in popularity of an appreciation of the past, it’s baffling why building architects are still designing minimalist blocks of concrete. Surely a building built over 100 years ago which will stands and looks beautiful is better than a contemporary block of flats that will look aged in 20 years time?

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