Apestorm: Full Bananas video game trailer (VIDEO)

apestrom_full_bananas_screenshot1Apestorm: Full Bananas is a side-scrolling zeppelin bombing game set in a steampunk world. Players take on the role of fugitive apes in search of revenge after humans have laid waste to the planet. They’ll teach those pesky humans a lesson ... one bomb at a time! Piloting a stolen zeppelin, players must carefully drop bombs on factories, warehouses, and other man-made objects -- while simultaneously protecting the natural environment -- in the name of Apekind.

Each level presents its own unique set of challenging in-game objectives. When a goal is attained, players are rewarded with bananas (the game’s currency!) -- which unlock new levels and ship-enhancing power-ups that turn the zeppelin into an unstoppable death machine 

* Experience the thrill of destruction
* Enhance the zeppelin’s abilities with 9 earth-shattering power-ups
* Unlock and complete 20 levels
* Test your might against a variety of enemies and obstacles -- both in the air and on land
* Enjoy a beautiful steampunk aesthetic
* Engage in unique and challenging level objectives

Apestorm: Full Bananas will be available to download from the App Store and Google Play on Thursday, April 28th for $0.99/£0.79/€0.99.

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